• Revitalise Your Home
    With great looking, value-adding Windows

Plan-it Window Collection

Re-vitalize your home with great looking, value-adding UPVC windows from Plan-It is easier than you think.

  • A Rated Frames.
  • A Rated Glass.
  • Double Glazed.
  • Triple Glazed.
  • Save over £400 on your Heating Bills.
  • Stop condensation, leaks and annoying draughts.

Our UPVC casement windows are all made to measure and have the added luxury of not only being glazed at efficiency level A, framed at efficiency level A but also come reinforced as standard making them more resilient and durable meaning whatever the weather your windows will stay safe and sound throughout their extended life-span as you know PVC will not rust, rot, peel or flake. Available in a fantastic array of colours including the ever-popular customisation of dual-colour which allow a statement on the outside and décor-complementing match on the inside.

Along with all these great options we know that security and peace of mind is paramount to your designated style and so with our multi-locking systems and our exclusive multi-layer profile chamber you can rest assured once your windows are closed your home is secure. If this is not all then we finish by giving you a warranty that this calibre of window deserves – 10 year on glass, frame and furniture for all our windows as well as on workmanship which shows we stand by our customer commitment.

In addition to PVC we specialise in Aluminium casements in which our frames are durable, thermal coated that are both slim-line internally and externally. The colours are available in your standard white but also in anthracite grey and satin black which add the WOW factor to any home and with a comprehensive range of furniture to suite all tastes included. Does anything say ‘safe and secure’ better than a 25 year warranty against all glass, frame and furniture, at Plan-It we think not.

A Rated Frames

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Extensive Range